Dortmund from above

This time a view over “my” quarter in the north of Dortmund. My house is also on it. 😀

green & blue
Dortmund-North from above

On the left side in the foreground the allotment garden association “Holthauser Heide” and the Grävingholz forest, in the middle of the picture you can see DO-Eving with the Barbara church and the former coal mine “Minister Stein”. The elevations on the horizon are the Ardey Mountains and the Haarstrang.

The kite I used at about 2-3 BFT from WNW was a 3m delta( at admittedly a little more than 100m line) and my Canon S110 camera was hanging in the minimal RIG, both held by a small picavet. A CHDK program took care of the camera release, as well as the correct exposure and ISO selection.

A picture with a similar detail was already available in 2017, maybe somebody wants to compare.



Translated by DeepL.

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