Auto rig movement programmes

Possible switch positions and combinations for the auto rig movement programmes

switch 1switch 2switch 3Programme


The rig moves horizontally endlessly, whereby a 360° rotation is divided into 22 steps. In each of these 22 positions, the camera is set to 3 different tilt angles.

The rig moves horizontally 180° in 11 steps, in each of the 11 positions the camera is set to 3 different angles of inclination, then the rig turns back in the other direction to the starting point. The camera is also set to the 3 angles during this rotation. The cycle starts again at the starting point.

The rig takes 4 pictures next to each other with 2 different tilt angles. Before and after these 8 panorama shots, 3 additional pictures (PAN) are taken with 3 tilt angles.

90° Panning range with 4 tilt angles 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, then pan back to starting the position, also during this movement recordings in 4 tilt angles

90° range with 2 tilt angles 0°, 90° (horizontal, vertical down), otherwise as above

180° range with 18 images at a fixed angle, in quick succession

Video mode: 360° rotation at slow speed, tilt angle change, 360° rotation, back to start and endlessly so on.

Rig remains firmly aligned in one direction without rotation and photographs a close object, e.g. a kite, with max. 2 tilt angles,

The programmes are still at the experimental stage, i.e. from a programming point of view they should work perfectly, only the sequence and the recording range still need to be tested out in practice and show that the corresponding movement will record what I want.
I want to be able to record as many situations as possible with a rig by simply selecting the appropriate programme at the start.

Now, one could argue that selecting the shooting area by means of a video downlink would be the simpler and more efficient method. Maybe that is the case, but I am afraid of losing the fun of the actual hobby through further mechanisation of aerial photography and thus through “extra work” on the airfield.
KISS-Keep it stupid simple.
Whereas the current status is anything but simple. 😆

Possible shooting situations are:

Landscape shots
Video films
Shots vertically downwards
Single motifs: buildings, towers, ships, people, dragons, etc.

To be continued…

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