The end of summer

is often associated with harvested fields and bales of straw. Here in Dortmund, the grain harvest was repeatedly delayed by the wet weather. The straw bales also lay in the fields for a relatively long time because they simply could not be brought into the barn dry.

Good for me and the opportunity to take kiteaerial photographs. Because I had to wait a long time for suitable wind. But on this Saturday, everything fell into place and I set off for a harvested grain field in Deusen, which I had only just discovered on a bike ride. Luckily for me, the bales of straw were already somewhat sorted, but still not picked up.

Straw bales in a field


Strohballen auf dem Feld und Emscher-Rückhaltebecken
Straw bales in front of the Emscher reservoir

On this occasion I can also show which kite …


and which holder I usually use for my shots.

Haugrund-Pendel mit Minimal-Rig und Canon S110-Kamera
Haugrund Pendulum with Minimal Rig and Canon S110 Camera



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