Since I have been more intensively involved with KAP, I have tried out various RIG versions, always in search of the design that fulfils my wishes 100%.
Since not only my wishes but also the conditions of use are constantly changing, the search goes on.  surprised

1. Auto-RIG


I have used this RIG quite often because it offers a wide range of possibilities.



RC- and Auto-Rig

A RIG that is heavier than the one above and somewhat more complex to handle.
At the time of writing (August 2022), this RIG has been dismantled because I did not like the handling.


3. Auto-RIG 2013

KAP-Rig for Canon S 95


A RIG that no longer exists. Why? Follow the link and you will get the answer.

4. RC-Modul-RIG

RC-Arduino mit Rig
RC-Arduino with Rig

Remote-controlled RIG based on Arduino, developed by David Wheeler. Handy remote control, but the hardware unfortunately needs to be adapted a bit more to my needs. A project that still needs a lot of development. (Which for me means: a construction site that will never be finished!smile)


5. Minimal-RIG

Minimal–Rig made of wood

The RIG I have used most often lately: light, simple, with satisfying results.


6. The Prototype

DSLR-Rig with AuRiCo

The frame is from the very first RIG I built in 1992. In the picture, the RIG is modified with an AuRiCo controller by Peter Engels and for experimental purposes I used my DSLR-Nikon. Result: a bit heavy!


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