So what can you expect under the generic term kite making? The answer is:  
  • Building plans
  • Building specifications
  • Techniques
  • Templates
On these pages I will publish building plans, building descriptions of various kites, sewing techniques and templates at irregular intervals. I will describe the construction of the kites I have made and document them with pictures. In addition, I will add the construction plan used to the description Under “Techniques” I will only deal with the topic of applications for the time being, but further contributions are planned.
These could be, for example, sewing techniques that I use when I build a Cody. As I have written elsewhere, I use a construction plan by Nico van den Berg. This blueprint takes a bit of getting used to, to put it mildly. Why? Apart from a few cut-out drawings with measurements and some concise drawings that illustrate the sewing together, there are no step-by-step instructions at the end of which the finished kite lies in front of you. Actually, it’s just Nico’s notes that he made for himself when he built his codys. And they were enough for him. Translated with DeepL

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