An attempt to build an RC module RIG where individual components can be replaced to change the character of the RIG.


RC-Arduino mit Rig
RC-Modul-Rig with Arduino-Controller


PAN-Modul and Power-Modul

Baugruppe Antrieb
PAN- and Power-Modul

Pan module, consisting of:
2x Cfk rod ∅6x4x175 mm
2x servo mount
1x drive shaft with spacers
1x drive shaft mount
1x Gear pair, momentary 50/10 Z, m=1
4x threaded rod M4x20 mm

Power module, consisting of:
1x Forex plate 180x30x3 mm
1x I/O switch
2x battery holder
4x AAA battery
1x Reveiver HK 6TA V2

Baugruppe Tilt
Frame side parts and Tilt-Modul

Frame parts, consisting of:
1x Forex side part 150x30x4 mm
1x Forex side part 150x30x4 mm with standard servo Hitec HS-311

Tilt module, consisting of:
1x Forex side part 50x30x4 mm with servo horn
1x Forex side part 35x30x4 mm
1x forex bottom part 130x30x4 mm

Total weight



Standard-Servo Hitec HS-311 with 50-tooth gear 48,4 g
Standard-Servo Hitec HS-311 with 10-tooth gear 43,5 g
2x Battery holder with 4 AAA cells54,9 g
Receiver HK 6TA V29 g
2x Servo bracket4,1 g
Drive shaft compl. with bracket12,8 g
Frame, consisting of 2x Cfk rod 6x4x175mm, 3x Forex plate72,9 g
Tilt-Modul37 g
Small parts consisting of: 4x CfK rod 6x4x175 mm with mountings, screws, nuts, shaft, pendulum/picavet mounting50,45 g
Total weight333,05 g