Our technology

The components

The following pages are about the technology I use to take aerial photographs.
The section is roughly divided into the following components:

One Eample for the control of the mount and the camera

Steuerungs-Technik über einen Controller
Maestro Micro-Controller

Another example for a the camera mount, or rig for short

Minimal-Rig, made of wood

I have created a separate menu item for the various controls, as this is a very complex topic.
Which of the controls you choose depends on the purpose and, as so often in life, on your own preferences.

Large selection vs. targeted recordings

If you want to concentrate fully on the kite and not spend so much time taking pictures during the flight, you can choose a control that automatically moves the rig and triggers the camera. In the end, you get a large number of images from which you can select the desired motifs for further processing. On the other hand, if you use the kite to photograph a selected motif as accurately as possible, you choose a control with which you can adjust the camera position, the trigger time and perhaps the zoom factor can be determined manually by means of remote control from the ground, while the selected image section can be checked on a monitor. With this method you have fewer pictures, but only with the motifs that show the object of desire.
The remaining components are currently being dealt with together under the heading gear. At least as long as they don’t get too extensive.

These components of equipment for aerial photography from a kite are usually:

  • the suspension of the rig
    There are two possible suspension options: the Picavet and the pendulum
  • the camera
    At the moment I work exclusively with a Canon S110, although I occasionally think about using my latest acquisition, a Sony A6000.
  • But the intervalometer or another release option is still missing, and what is far more important: I am not willing to put the latest purchase into the kiteline

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