Our sewing machines

On this page I will describe in a little more detail the sewing machines I use to make our kites

Pfaff 1221

My favourite model is still the Pfaff 1221, which has been around for a few years but is beyond reproach. Powerful even with many layers of fabric, even with Dacron reinforcements, stitches that you really need as a kite maker, top feed, etc.

Pfaff 1221
Pfaff 1221- in Nähtisch eingelassen

W6-N1235-61 by W6-Wertarbeit.de

The mechanical and robust hobby machine for the more demanding and sewing enthusiasts. I bought this machine when the Pfaff was temporarily out of service. You can read the whole story here.

W6-N1235-61 - in den Nähtisch eingelassen
W6-N1235-61 -embedded in the sewing table