On this page I present various spools and spool mounts that I use for aerial photography, but also for “normal” kite Flying.
To clarify the construction, I start with the technical designs of the spools , to then show the practical results, i.e. the operational spools and mounts.

Complete reel from holding side
komplette Spule von der Kurbelseite
complete spool from the crank side
Handle with loop, bobbin holder and bearing
Bobbin from the holding side
Spule mit Griff
Bobbing from the crank side
Hand spool seen from the holding side
Stratospool with the widest bobbin
Stratospool and hand spool side by side

Stratospool and hand spool next to each other – the different bobbins fit on both. For kites that need a thicker line, I use the right-hand spool, for light wind kites like Dopero or Delta I use the hand spool with the appropriate line, even Kevlar.. 😉

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