KAP camera does not work anymore

What was foreshadowed last year at the KAP meeting in Fanø actually happened: the lens of my Canon S110 extended only reluctantly and then unfortunately did not retract again. The error message was “lens error”. What to do?

After some research on the internet, it turned out that this is a well-known problem with this camera series. Since I am quite satisfied with the performance and features of the S110, I looked for a way to have the camera repaired. As a real cheapskate, I didn’t want to spend money on a newer, higher-quality model such as a Ricoh GR III, especially as I also have a Sony A6000 that hasn’t been used yet.

And indeed, there was a company in Reutlingen that had the spare part in stock for 60 € and did the repair for 100 €. I also considered the possibility of buying an equivalent model second-hand, but I wasn’t sure whether the same defect wouldn’t then occur on this camera. So I took the camera in for repair, got it back after 2 weeks and have not regretted it to this day.


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