WWKW 2019-even more photos

2 more photos I took during this year’s World Wide KAP Week

Looking south
Blick am Dortmund-Ems-Kanal entlang Richtung Süden

I have chosen motifs in the neighborhood , because I did not feel much desire to drive after work through the state for a few shots.

Flood retention basin of the Emscher
Hochwasser-Rückhalte-Becken der Emscher in Ellinghausen

At the weekend it was finally over:  thanks to low “Mortimer” no aerial photos were possible. Although-wind was actually enough available.

World Wide KAP Week 2019

This year’s WWKW has already started on September 14th and will continue until September 29th. Thus, there are 3 weekends, and of course the rest of the week to take aerial photographs with the kite

The first Sunday brought then actually good wind and weather conditions and I tried on the waste dump Groppenbruch. Here I was already about 3 weeks ago and have been able to take a few aerial pictures, but unfortunately they are lost somewhere between memory card and hard drive.

Halde Minister Achenbach I / II
Halde Minister Achenbach I / II

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Dortmund from above

Now when the weather is starting to get a bit more pleasant- not just for taking aerial photos- I’ve managed to catch some aerial photograph by use of a kite.

With decreasing south-west wind – is it not always that case: you hardly have the kite in the air, the wind drops? – firstly at the former blast furnace plant on Phoenix-West and secondly at the new development area in Dortmund-Mengede.

Here are the results:


Hochofenwerk Phoenix West
Blast furnace Phoenix West in Dortmund


Hochofenwerk Phoenix West
Blast furnace Phoenix West in Dortmund


Neubaugebiet "Erdbeerfeld"
New development area “Erdbeerfeld” in Dortmund with view to the west


Die Ausrüstung
Flare + KAP-equipment


The kite

In both cases I chose the flare, which in the gusty wind conditions showed the better results in terms of stability and load-bearing capacity compared to the delta .