Testing a new camera -2. attempt

In September 2019 I made my first attempt to use my Sony A6000 as a KAP camera. To do this, I had to build a bigger RIG, think about how it could be released and have the courage to send my latest – and most expensive – achievement into the sky.


The results didn’t quite meet my expectations at the time, but this was due to the fact that I had simply chosen a shutter speed that was far too long.

in the evening
in the evening

That is why a new test was due a few days ago in good wind and weather conditions. The wind came from SW at 4 Bft, there were some clouds in the sky and the technology was complete.

A timelapse app runs on the camera, which automatically takes a certain number of shots at adjustable intervals, the shutter speed and focus were set correctly this time, the flare managed the weight of the camera, RIG and pendulum well – so let’s go.

Just a test
Testbild Sony A6000

And what can I say: now the quality is what I imagine it to be. Whether the difference to pictures taken with the Canon S110 is so clear, at least here on the screen, remains to be seen. Especially since the additional weight of the camera means either a more powerful kite or a higher wind speed.

But if I can decide whether I want a better shot in nuances or a kite that doesn’t pull as hard, I will definitely choose the option of relaxed flying.



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