Dortmund (Industrial) Monuments, Part 1

A monument from the imperial era

Das Lanstroper Ei
The “Lanstroper Ei”

The 55.50 metre high water tower made of sheet steel, over 110 years old, has a capacity of 2000 cubic metres of water.   But today, serious damage to the steel structure urgently needs to be repaired.

On the one hand, the water tower is a water reservoir; on the other hand, the elevated tank ensured sufficient and even pressure in the connected water network. It therefore stands on a hill in Lanstrop, in the north-east of Dortmund.  The surrounding collieries “Zeche Scharnhorst”, “Zeche Preußen”, “Zeche Gneisenau” and “Minister Achenbach” had a high water consumption, which made the water tower urgently necessary.

Since 1981, the “Lanstroper Ei” has been without filling and out of operation. In 1985, the tower was registered as an architectural monument. It rises on a steel truss framework over a square ground plan. On top of it is the water tank, an ovaloid with a hemispherical base and roof made of sheet steel, a height of 18.40 metres and a diameter of 14 metres. Above it rises a lantern serving for ventilation.


Lanstroper Ei
The water tower “Lanstroper Ei”

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the tower, the wind was once again not as strong and steady as when I left home. That’s the disadvantage of waiting until late afternoon to get better light. But you can’t have everything.

That’s why I had to unpack the 3m delta, although the flare was actually planned. But it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to have a kite with you to keep your equipment safely in the sky. Speaking of equipment: As I said, the kite was the Delta, the minimal rig with the Canon S110 controlled via CHDK hung on a pendulum. I didn’t have any image control mounted because this technical aid is too heavy for me. Besides, with such large subjects, I now think I have a good idea of where the camera is pointing. Most of the time, anyway.



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