The end of summer

is often associated with harvested fields and bales of straw. Here in Dortmund, the grain harvest was repeatedly delayed by the wet weather. The straw bales also lay in the fields for a relatively long time because they simply could not be brought into the barn dry. Good for me and the opportunity to take […]

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Cody flies over Fanø

After I had paid close attention to the correct clamping when reassembling, the new cotton cody flew quite excellently. Of course, you have to take into account that we also had wonderful conditions: onshore wind with 3-4 Bft, everything flies there. But I am very satisfied that it stood almost motionless in one place in

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Rape blossom time

Rape brings colour to the landscape! Since April and May are the rape blossom season, I went in search of some beautiful motifs for my aerial photographs. On my last bike ride, I had already looked out for rape fields that offer good accessibility with the kite, and now that the wind is also favourable

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Cody test flight

I gave my kites a thorough inspection and found that they needed some reworking. No wonder after years of use and lack of care. Today I tested the first kite, a short-wing Cody. Unfortunately, it has been raining all week, sometimes for longer and heavily. But today I was able to use a short break

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