Malakow-Tower at Fürst Hardenberg Colliery

For today’s KAP photos I had chosen the Malakow-Tower at the Fürst Hardenberg Colliery. Malakow towers are imposing, brick towers made of stone, reminiscent of a castle. They got their name from Fort Malakow on the Crimean peninsula. Many early Malakow towers were demolished and only a few examples remain in the Ruhr area. The …

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Stormy conditions

Because my experiments with the Sony A 6000 on Saturday were not quite crowned with success, I didn’t want to do any more experiments on Sunday, but rather fall back on tried and tested equipment. After all, I had managed to get the A6000 up in the air with the help of the Flare-kite, despite …

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Dortmund Autumn

Finally I managed to do it again: I was able to pull myself together and take some KAP pictures of the autumnally coloured Grävingholz. As a “new pensioner” you have to get used to the new era and find your rhythm. The wind was quite fresh at times and also the clouds looked as if …

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Nazca lines in Dortmund too?

The Nazca Lines, often also written Nasca Lines, are more than 1500 huge, only from the air visible and recognizable scratch pictures (geoglyphs) in the desert near Nazca and Palpa in Peru. The Paracas culture and the Nazca culture are considered to be the originators of the lines. The Nazca Plain shows straight lines, triangles …

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Dortmund from above

This time a view over “my” quarter in the north of Dortmund. My house is also on it. 😀 On the left side in the foreground the allotment garden association “Holthauser Heide” and the Grävingholz forest, in the middle of the picture you can see DO-Eving with the Barbara church and the former coal mine …

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The north of Dortmund

The north of Dortmund can certainly be described as green. In fact, there is not only industrialisation and remnants of coal and steel here in the Ruhr area, but also beautiful natural spots. Hopefully for a long time to come.